Frequently Asked Questions

What is Super PawBox?

Super PawBox is a Canadian-based monthly subscription that offers a goodie box for dogs that includes 5 to 6 premium products. The PawBox includes two bags of treats sourced locally, and three to four additional items, which can be an assortment of toys, chews, and accessories. Each box is customized to the dog's size, breed and characteristics. Puppies that are 11 months and under receive a training guide that guides you on what your puppy is going through.

How do I get my paws on a box?

As easy as

  1. Click Subscribe located on the navigation bar and fill out your dog's profile.
  2. Choose the plan that best suits your dog(s).
  3. Pay at check out and anxiously wait for the brown box of joy that will paw at your door in no time.
What actually comes in the Super PawBox?

So, what is exactly included in this subscription box? Everything that your dog desires.

All boxes will include two bags of yum-in-tum treats that are either Made in the USA or locally in Canada, and 3 to 4 additional items, which can be an assortment of a “New toy! Give me give me!”, delicious chews for that pearly white smile, to accessories that make life a little more easier.

For puppies, not only will they get a custom box that includes premium goodies (psst, I am talking kick a** teething toys because a survey shows that puppyies love the flavor of furniture), but they will also get a training-and-development material insert that guides pawrents on what their puppy is going through.

What kind educational training and development will you provide each month?

Raising a well-mannered, confident dog is no easy feat and can straight up be frustrating. The educational training-and-development guide insert will only be included for our puppies (2 - 11 months), but we have a whole section on training here.

For Puppies, the box will include an educational insert, which will act as a development guide that will walk you through all the constant changes your puppy is going through. For instance if your pup is 2 months old, we will tell you about the socialization-and-fear period that your puppy will go through, as well as house training tips.

The guides are there to make your life a little easier and train through using only positive reinforcement.

All training and development information is written by Kassie Dickson, CPDT-KA, certified trainer at the Toronto Humane Society.

What if I have two dogs?

We don’t have a two-pup option as our boxes are fully customized to the growth and developmental stage of one pup. The pawesome news is that there is MORE than enough goodies for the two doggos to share! There can only be one subscription per e-mail so if you would like another subscription for your pup, you can create another account by using a different e-mail address.

I have an Adult dog

No dog is too young or too old for a Super PawBox. Our adult dogs will enjoy 4-6 premium products that though they may not be age specific, they will be customized in every other aspect of the box.

Do you have an allergy option?

Do dogs love peanut butter? Of course we have an allergy option!

We try our best to accommodate our fur-friends. The allergy option will not include any treats and we will substitute the treats with either additional toys, chews or accessories.

Just let us know your preference when you are filling out your dogs' profile.

How tough are your toys?

Selecting the right toy that engages your dog is a big part of what we do at Super PawBox, so we try our best to cater to your dog's age, characteristics and breed. No toy is truly indestructible, but our hand-picked toys will give your chewer a ruff time. Always supervise your dog as they are sneaky little creatures.

How much do your plans cost?

Our prices plans are as follows:

    • 1 time box (give us a shot): $50 CAD
    • 3 Month Plan: $45/month CAD
    • 6 Month Plan (most popular choice pawed upon): $42/month CAD
    • 12 Month Plan (The Super Paw Plan that your pup will love): $40/month CAD

All plans do not auto-renew.

Where do the products in Super PawBox come from?

Our furry best friends deserve the best so that is why we only work with trusted and amazing local vendors across Canada and the United States for our treats, toys, chews, & accessories. ,
The products are tested by our team and our Chief Paw-Officer, Kayo, to ensure maximum tail wagging, yumminess, and durability.

Does the subscription plan auto-renew?

All subscription plans do not auto-renew. If you sign up for a 3 month plan, your plan will end at 3 months and so on.

If I cancel before the end of my subscription, what happens?

If you cancel your subscription before your subscription term is complete, then you will still receive and be charged for all of the remaining boxes in your selected plan.

Where does Super PawBox currently ship to ?

We are currently shipping to Ontario and Quebec.
We would absolutely love to ship to our four-legged friends throughout Canada and eventually around the world, but we need to get our paws on some solid ground. We promise to deliver to more cities as we grow.

How will I know if my Super PawBox has shipped?

We know that your four-legged friend is going crazy with anticipation for their very first box. We will send you an email as soon as the box has been shipped, so you can track its journey to your front door.

What is your return policy?

We do not process the return of any individual items, nor any complete Super PawBoxes. Our boxes are final sale. If something does not work for your dog or for you, just send us an email at, so we can make it right for you and your dog.
If there is an unwanted item, we ask that you please share it with your dogs best friend or donate it to your favorite shelter

Can I give Super PawBox as a gift?

Absolutely! We have the 1 time box, 3, 6 and 12 month gift options where you will be charged for the total amount upfront. We will take care of the rest and make sure your lucky friend gets some amazing stuff.

How do I get in touch with Super PawBox?

Just send us an email at, and someone from the team will be in touch with you.

Super PawBox - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


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