Halloween Costumes for Dogs

As dog paw-rents, Halloween is definitely one of our favorite holidays as we finally have a day where matching with our dog is socially acceptable. Before we dive into all the Halloween costumes for dogs, it’s best to first check how comfortable your dog is with wearing clothes - some dogs love it and others don’t.

Be cautious of your dog’s body language and if they seem to be uncomfortable with putting on or wearing a costume, make sure to use one of the products from your Super PawBox as a reward. The key is to keep your costumes simple and comfortable for your dog and to have fun!

Let’s check out some adorable yet scary Halloween costume ideas for your dog below. 

What Are The Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Dogs?

  • Simba? Mufasa? Toto? Who doesn’t like a cute roar?
Dogs Wears a Halloween costume
  • Dumbo - A costume that will bring out your dog’s floppy ears.

A costume that will bring out your dog’s floppy ears


  • Hot Dog - The go-to costume if you have a wiener dog.

Hot Dog - The go-to costume if you have a wiener dog

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  • Touchdown! Who doesn’t like a good football game?

Touchdown! Who doesn’t like a good football game

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  • Where’s Waldo? A lot of treaty's for the first dog that finds him.

Where’s Waldo Costume

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What are some scary Halloween costumes for dogs?

  • T-Rex from Toy Story - Don’t let the small arms fool you!

toy story dog costume


  • The scariest thing for your dog. Knock Knock. Who’s there? Your dog’s greatest enemy.

ups dog costume

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  • “IT” because who doesn’t love clowns? Does anyone? For the joker in your life.

beautiful pet costumes

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What are some cute Halloween costumes for puppies?

  • Care Bear because sharing is caring and who doesn't like a cute Care Bear?

cute dog halloween costumes

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  • Paw Patrol Marshall is here to get you fired up

paw patrol dog costume

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Where to buy Halloween costumes for dogs?

You can buy a Halloween costume for your dog from your local pet store, Petsmart, and Amazon.

For the best tricks and treats this Halloween season, get your paws on a monthly dog box with training guides included for puppies.



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